Edgio Completes Week By Setting All-Time Traffic Record

September 20, 2022

Edge network powers global delivery of live sports

Edgio, Inc. (Nasdaq: EGIO), the platform of choice to power unmatched speed, security and simplicity at the edge, announced today the completion of its most successful week of enabling the evolution of television from set-top boxes to streaming, culminating in a record-setting day of traffic to support a major sporting event last Thursday night.

“This past week highlights the value that Edgio brings to the streaming industry,” said Bob Lyons, Edgio CEO. “After many months of planning and preparing with our client, we saw 160% increase on Thursday from the prior day peak traffic, which was the highest we have ever delivered during a live event. Not only were we able to support the massive traffic peaks, but it was done all with the quality you would expect from what third-party benchmark firm, Perfops, currently ranks as the #1 most performant CDN in the world.”

Earlier this quarter, Nielsen highlighted streaming viewership surpassed cable for the first time.

The combination of our world-class network and recently acquired Uplynk streaming assets enables Edgio to deliver an exceptional viewer experience when consuming premium content and live events – offering clients seamless integration unmatched in the industry.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with how the Edgio team has coalesced around our mission to power the evolution of television and the quality of support we provided our clients over the past week - and it goes well beyond the work done by our network teams. Our professional operations team managed over 740 live events peaking at 91 concurrent events for clients as our streaming platform delivered 2+ billion minutes of content while our server-side ad insertion technology, Smartplay, stitched over 500 million ads to support our clients monetization strategies.”

About Edgio

Edgio (NASDAQ: EGIO) makes connected living faster, safer and simpler to manage by powering unmatched speed, security and simplicity at the edge with our seamlessly integrated delivery, applications and streaming solutions. Our globally-scaled technology and expert services fuel the world’s top brands with the capacity to deliver the fastest, most dynamic and frictionless education, entertainment, events and applications to every user. Dedicated to providing unparalleled client care and extending value every step of the way, Edgio is a partner of choice, driving about 20% of worldwide internet traffic to support the most popular shows, movies, sports, games and music, and instant-loading websites. To learn more, visit edg.io and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Source: Edgio, Inc.