About Edgio

Edgio is a globally scaled edge-enabled software solutions provider that helps companies deliver extraordinary digital experiences — faster websites, more responsive applications, the highest quality streaming, and more consistent game and software downloads, to any device.

Edgio's network architecture can support both small files and the large files that comprise most content today, such as ecommerce, transactions, video, software, and games. This means that as the demand for digital content increases companies are able to do business faster, safer and more reliably than ever before.

Edgio is uniquely positioned to serve the complex and evolving needs of today’s digital asset creators and distributors. From delivering the latest blockbuster movie to millions of homes, updating software for billions of devices, or ensuring sub-second website load times — Edgio streamlines and accelerates the process, clearing the way for business growth and market expansion.

Edgio offers a better solution by addressing key needs:

  • Combining a suite of integrated cloud-based services with a private content delivery network allows digital content to reach everyone, everywhere.
  • A network of global PoPs places digital content within reach of any user, anywhere, overcoming regional barriers that compromise the user experience and impede growth opportunities.
  • Powerful software to optimize content for the best viewing experience on any device, which makes the most of legacy digital asset libraries as well as new content.
  • End-to-end integrated cloud services from storage to accelerated delivery, which means faster deployment and quicker time to market.
  • A full suite of WAAP security solutions — WAF, DDoS and Bot Management — to ensure protection of digital assets.
  • End-to-End video operations for OTT for encoding, formatting, monetization, analytics and delivery.
  • Hundreds of experts, with decades of experience, ready to partner with internal talent and ensure successful implementation.

Edgio (NASDAQ: EGIO) is an edge-enabled software solutions provider powering unmatched, secure digital experiences through a seamlessly integrated delivery, applications and streaming platform. Our globally-scaled technology and expert services fuel the world’s top brands with the capacity to deliver the fastest, most dynamic, and frictionless education, entertainment, events and applications to every user. Dedicated to providing unparalleled client care and extending value every step of the way, Edgio is a partner of choice, driving about 5% of worldwide internet traffic to support the most popular shows, movies, sports, games and music, and instant-loading websites. To learn more, visit edg.io and follow us on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.